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Upon online approval of your credit card, your order will be processed and you credit card will be charged.
citizenshop.me is happy to issue a full refund for any unworn, undamaged watch provided the watch is returned within 14 days of delivery. Watches must pass a quality inspection from our customer service department. Please review our Return Policy for complete information.
BHD 0 will be collected as shipping feed for delivery to anywhere in Bahrain accept for some areas defined as non-serviceable by the courier company. For such location you will either have to collect the shipment from their nearest office or from a pre agreed location with courier company.
We're sorry, at this time citizenshop.me orders can only be shipped in Bahrain

Kindly visit our home page www.citizen-me.com and click on shop online to find out which other countries the service is available.
If your location is within serviceable area, the delivery will be within 3 to 5 working days from confirmation of order.
You may cancel your order provided the order has not been shipped yet from our warehouse. Once the watch has been shipped we will not be able to accommodate the cancellation request. Please call customer service at +973 17 223 000 Sunday - Thursday from 8am to 5pm.
The defective watch must be returned to our warehouse within 30 days as post marked. If you receive a defective watch, the watch will be checked by our Quality Control Department, we will promptly send you a replacement after you have returned the damaged or defective product. You will not be charged any additional shipping fees for replacement items.

For proper return procedures please see our Return Policy.
If you have any questions concerning your order or encounter any problems with your watch, please contact a Customer Service Representative at +973 17 223 000 from 8 AM to 5 PM Sunday through Thursday. Contact Us.
Yes, we offer a limited 1-year international warranty for all watches and a 3-year additional regional warranty for Eco-Drive watches.

Click here for more detailed warranty information.

Section Two

About our function and Features

Firstly expose the Eco-Drive watch to the light. Eco-Drive watches with quick start feature will start running in about 10 seconds. After confirming this movement, adjust the time.
This means the battery is yet to be charged enough (Insufficient Charging Warning Feature). After having the battery fully charged, it will be back to the normal operation.
In this case, the watch tells you that the time shown is incorrect because the watch stopped once and started again (Time Setting Warning Feature). After recharging and adjusting your watch it will be back to normal operation.
This can happen when you produce the Eco-Drive watch with Power Saving Feature from the drawer, or look at the watch which has been under your sleeve. Under those circumstances, such as being left in the dark, the watch goes in Power Saving Feature, and stops its hand in order to save energy. Once light gets on the watch, the watch catches up with the current time by moving the hands very quickly according to the information having been kept inside the watch.
Yes. As long as the dial gets light in daily life, it rarely stops.
Yes. It varies according to the illuminance from the source of light. That is, in winter the required time for recharging is longer than summer, because the illuminance of the sun is weak compare with the one in summer. Especially in winter, watches tend to be kept under sleeves of overcoats or thick jackets, that could cause the shortage of light energy to run watches. We recommend you expose your Eco-Drive watch to the sunlight from time to time.
According to the experimental data, both will last more than 10 years. It is also considered to loose up to around 20 % of their initial capacities in 20 years, however, we speculate, that won't cause trouble for the use of the watch.
As of the water resistant models, in order to maintain the water resistant quality, we recommend you replace the gaskets in regular intervals. Gaskets are aging and deteriorating while being used or just being kept in drawers as such. The gears in watches are also abrading little by little, so the maintenance in regular intervals at the qualified watchmakers or authorized service centers is recommended in order to extend the life of your watch.
When the solar cells stop generating electricity resulting from the lack of light energy, the watch stops its second hand at the position of 12 o'clock in order to avoid loosing energy. There are models which stop both the minute and second hands. (Power Save 1 mode) With getting light on the dial, the watch will come back to the normal operation.

If the above condition continues for 3 days, the watch stops the calendar as well as the second and minute hands to minimize the energy loss. (Power Save 2 mode) With getting light on the dial, the watch will come back to the normal operation. Please see the instruction manual on this function, because it varies in respective models. When you don't use your Eco-Drive watch for a long time, you could stop all the hands and calendar manually.(Manual Power Save mode) In this mode, the watch doesn't come back to the normal operation even when the dial gets light.

* In all the Power Save modes, the watch keeps the time inside.
* The functions vary in respective models. For further information, please see your instruction booklet
No. There will be scratches if you hit it with a hard sharp object or purposely put a strong pressure. It is scratch-resistant for daily use. We hope you will treat it with care as it is your precious watch after all.
As it has a hard layer from the surface of the material towards the inner side, it does not peel as like coating does. It will continue to have a brand new shine as it is resistant to scratches that cause a blur appearance.
The surface hardness is 3 to 4 times higher than that of ordinary stainless steel. Although the surface is so hard, the inside retains the hardness of ordinary stainless steel, thus it is not easily broken. Also by retaining its basic characteristics, we can easily process it to explore many different designs.
Wipe it with a soft cloth to remove sweat or dirt after use as for the ordinary watch.
Presently, it is used in the category of Campanola & xC. We will extend its use to various categories. Check and confirm an indication of Duratect when you buy the watch.


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